“Kratom is not bad when used properly. This is all propaganda from all the clowns who can’t make their share of $ by controlling it. Guess what? Why cant people get their prescribed for years opioid meds? Because they want to legally hook everyone on methadone which is no way out and who profits? Same drug companies as the prescription opioids formerly. Oh you thought they would just pack up and close up shop? Yeah right. So last and not least….the public epidemic is fentynal. Its made to kill people. Users dont addict….they DIE. Population control. Kratom doesn’t kill. Keep believing the b.s. that the people get spoon fed. Open up wideee.” Jared from Florida.

The answer is both. We need to stop looking at kratom as either completely harmless or devastatingly bad. Because its neither and its both. Depends on context and what its being used for. Anything can be over done. and abused. Including sugar. We agree that pot is generally harmless but there are circumstances where pot can be pretty bad. IT just depends.

Can kratom be used to get people off pharmaceuticals or heroin ? Yes
Can it save lives? Yes
Can you get addicted to gold kratom products? Yes
Can you abuse it ? yes